About Chapo Racing

About Chapo Racing

Chapo Racing competes in major UTV competitions throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico. The rugged four-wheel drive utility terrain vehicles are rapidly becoming the vehicles of choice for some of the world’s best race car drivers.

The Chapo Racing team’s founder is serial entrepreneur Justin Elenburg, a pioneer in the Mobile Pay-Per-Call Industry, and the owner of three Internet companies: QuoGen (http://quogen.com), a lead generation enterprise, mobileFUSED (http://www.mobilefused.com), a CPA networking company, and Islands Miracle (http://www.islandsmiracle.com), a vitamin supplements e-commerce company that sells its products on Amazon.

Chapo Racing is becoming a team to watch as it gains experience in some of the toughest races on the continent. It is attracting the attention of top sponsors and becoming known for the dialogue it has established with its growing fan base.

Late in 2015, Justin “Chapo” Elenburg decided to race in the Southwest’s 1900 UTV class. He encountered many great drivers and fascinating people, and ultimately started his own racing team.  Chapo Racing includes friends, family members, and UTV fans. Everyone involved in the team has either been a fan of off-road racing, or has become a fan.

The Chapo Racing team has competed not only in local and regional races, but in Mexico’s brutal Baja 1000. Their willingness, determination and perseverance has impressed both fans and potential sponsors alike. With the enthusiastic support of Lone Star Racing, Can-Am, Rugged Radios, and other highly regarded patrons, Chapo Racing has competed fiercely in some of the country’s toughest races, turning every race into a learning experience. In the future, expect them to put together a long string of podium finishes.