Justin “Chapo” Elenburg

Interviewer:  When did you first start racing?

Justin Elenburg:  I can say racing is in my blood. My uncle was a racer, my grandpa was the president of the Jalopy Association in California, and my dad did a little bit of racing with my uncle. My mom also kind of drove fast and she taught me how to drive, so when I got my first vehicle at age 18, I was already used to driving a little fast. At the time while I was learning to drive I had a dirt bike and since we lived in a rural area, I could just ride for miles out in the dirt and of course I rode fast. Then I went into the Air Force and when I got out I started racing dirt bikes, but that  ended up being a bit dangerous and I got hurt a couple of times. It kind of brought out my passion for racing.  A few years later, (after I was married) a friend of mine just asked out of the blue …since I liked racing would I like racing UTVs which was inside of a cage. I asked my wife to let me do it because of how kind of safe it was, and so…. it’s kind of weird where my UTV racing career started from.

Interviewer:  What did you like about the UTVs?  Is it the danger or is there anything else you enjoy about it?

Justin Elenburg:  I wouldn’t say it is the danger I like, what I like is the fastness, going fast at your own speed, driving on the road and doing your own thing and trying to win. For me it is about going fast that keeps that desire to race going.

Interviewer:  Where are you from?

Justin Elenburg:  I was born in Glendale California, I grew up in Glendora in California , I later moved to Hesperia, Ca.  where I first started the motorcycle riding, I graduated from Hesperia high school in 1996, and I later joined the military in 1998. I was in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years before I later moved to Arizona where I graduated from Arizona State University. I continued to do a lot of off-roading by going to Glamis sand dunes with a sand rail and so I have been off roading for the past 8 to 10 years from riding a dirt bike to college to graduating into UTVs.

Interviewer:  How did you get started into UTVs?

Justin Elenburg:  I drove someones UTV in a race and I loved it so much that I purchased my own Can-am UTV car within 6 months of driving that one.

Interviewer:  How did you get to race for your friend who owns Lonestar Racing?

Justin Elenburg:  I don’t really race for him officially, but I do a lot of races and they offer me some very good deals on parts and accessories, I do race my UTV under the Lonestar team and also under the Can-Am family.

Interviewer:  Who are your sponsors in racing?

Justin Elenburg:  I was sponsored by Can-Am and Lonestar Racing, they gave me an amazing deal on parts and accessories, I am also sponsored by Islands Miracle Supplement Company, Quogen and MobileFused which are two of my companies. I also list my family as a sponsor because they stand by me in what I do in racing even though it is not official and I also have some other sponsors like DWT and Arison tires.

Interviewer:  How many companies do you own?

Justin Elenburg:  I own three companies, I own Quogen which is a mobile lead generation company, I own Mobile fused which is CPA Network in the PayPerCall industry and Islands Miracle which is a vitamin supplement company that sells on Amazon.

Interviewer:  What do you do in your spare time beside race your car?

Justin Elenburg:  I love traveling with my family, sometimes we go to Mexico and we do go to Seattle once a year, because my wife grew up there. I also love working on our home projects and my off road vehicles with my son.